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Marriage Enrichment - equipping couples to reflect the image of Jesus Christ in Marriage. It is the desire of well meaning couples in "today's society" to have a fulfilled marriage, but they find themselves drifting towards isolation. These couples often feel completely empty in offering the meaningful relationship in which they both yearn. Why? Usually it is due to such things as career and economic demands, financial stress, hectic schedules, and the challenges of parenting. However, when couples make the crucial shift of learning how to relate intimately with God, they discover the resources available to selflessly minister to the needs of their spouse.

A growing intimacy with Jesus Christ results in a deeper intimacy with marriages. The purpose of the "Marriage Enrichment Ministry" is to help couples make this shift by discovering and following God's plan for marriage found in the Bible.

Marriage Seminars, Workshops, Conferences.

Marriage Counseling

Pre-Marital Classes

... And MORE

Singles - Commited to reaching single adults with the Life-Changing Reality of Jesus Christ. There are a variety of ministries to meet people where they are and help them to take the next step in their spiritual journey.

Classes / projects / Activities / Retreats

Parenting - Committed to bridge family relationships with Christ and provide resources and tools of training to equip parents "to build their children" -- Mind, Body, and Soul through spiritual maturing.

  • Single Parenting Class
  • Divorce Care
  • Extended Family Class
  • Parenting Seminars
  • Family Counseling
  • Retreats

Contact: Pastor Jheri Thompson to find out how to get involved.

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