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wpe45.jpg (2558 bytes) And He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God; many shall see it and fear it, and shall trust in the LORD. Psalms 40:3

Ministry in Music

 You often hear that music is universal, and I’m sure you’ve heard these words, “ They started off in the church”, or “ He/She knows they should be singing gospel!” Well no matter what you’ve heard, one thing is for certain, music came from the church, and is a tool of the ministry. Why else is the church called the home of music? Rhythm and Blues is an offspring of gospel. With its crooning of soulful sounds, mixed with emotional lyrics, it isn’t hard to see how it’s origins came about. Pop is also a close relative of gospel, combining soft melodious vocals with crisp harmonies. Sounds like praise and worship to me! Rock and Roll was taken right from the first pew, next to the Deacon’s board. The up-tempo, hand clappin, footstompin, highly energetic music style is a sure fire method of praise.

 We can all see that the world is waiting for music to go back to where it naturally belongs: in the church glorifying God. That’s what the Music Ministry at Kingdom Worship Center is commissioned to do. We uplift the name of Jesus through expression and song. With an array of different talents, coupled with enthusiasm and of course, "the anointing", KWC’s ‘Voices of Kingdom are blessings to souls as well as ears. Diversity, dedication, commitment, and a touch of style are a few things that set the ‘Voices of Kingdom’ apart from your normal everyday choir. We are all Gods children, so come and take your place as a ‘Voices of Kingdom’ at Kingdom Worship Center!

See ya soon!        


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